Anarchist Knitting Mob

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mob Action #2

Big shout out to the organizers of the Massive Knit NYC! What an exciting display of creativity, and activism.

The Anarchist Knitting Mob is a random group of people who come together to create, go and do. AKM is a free form entity, fluctuating monthly in meeting place, attending members and focus. All interpretations of knitting and crochet are encouraged as mediums of personal self-expression. AKM’ers are stimulated and inspired by the original thought that is a result of the open atmosphere promoted and fostered in the group gatherings.

Although the Anarchist Knitting Mob is autonomous, paradoxically at times members will join in collective power to pursue philanthropy, rebellion, and artistic experimentation.

The Anarchist Knitting Mob values creative expression over traditional execution. New beginners freely share with seasoned experts innovative techniques, resources, and applications.

Our next group gathering is Sunday June 2nd from 5-7. Email me for


At 5:48 PM, Blogger L Hoppstubbe M said...

thanks we are new to this fluffy approach - good aint it?

Here is our contribution:

Hearts knit together for peace.
'The road to peace will be knit by human acts of kindness'.


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